Midsommar in the Stockholm archipelago (movie #9)

Dear everyone,

Midsommar is already a month ago, and now we have finally put together some of our videos from around that time. We spent Midsommar in the Stockholm archipelago on the wonderful island of Möja. After that, we explored the islands of the archipelago further and slowly made our way up North.

The time around Midsommar included a lot of sunshine, very bright nights and many sweet people around us. We met Mathieu and Caroline, who were sailing on their newly bought boat ‘Petite’ and were our neighbours in Möja. Livs former colleague Pablo and his friend Luca joined us from Stockholm for a day, and furthermore Timon arrived from Germany to sail with us for a full week. Some days after Midsommar we also reunited with the crew from Merlin on the little island of Rödlöga.

Of course we once again only filmed a little part of all the lovely things that happened, but we have done our best to put it all together in this video. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

All the best from us on Désirée,

Paul and Liv


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Responses to “Midsommar in the Stockholm archipelago (movie #9)”

  1. Charlotte Moretto Avatar
    Charlotte Moretto

    Uh, love everything in this video, midsommar, the flags ( where did you get all those?), Dance, filming the Hole Night – so much joy, charm, calmness – and the two of you looking so good and relaxed
    Keep enjoying
    Love from us both
    Charlotte and Henrik

  2. Monika Reck Avatar
    Monika Reck

    Wieder so ein wunderschönes Video! Vielen lieben Dank fürs Teilen.
    Ihr seht so Happy darin aus.
    Wir freuen uns mit euch.
    Alles Liebe
    Moni und Matthias

  3. Benedikte Jørgensen Avatar
    Benedikte Jørgensen

    Hej I to
    Tak for jeres dejlige videoer ! Det ser super skønt ud og meget inspirerende 🩷🧡♥️
    Kærlighed til alle

    Moster B

    1. Liv Avatar

      Kærlighed lige tilbage til moster B ❤️❤️

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