Exploring Sweden’s High Coast by sailboat (movie #11)

In the beginning of July we sailed northwards along the Swedish coast to the ‘Höga kusten’ – the High Coast of Sweden, an area that rises around 1 cm every year due to postglacial landrise. It was a super nice experience with a lot of special places and nature that we really enjoyed. As on our whole trip so far we tried capturing some of the nice moments with our camera and now we have had time to put it together in a little movie for you to enjoy.

Since the footage from this video, we crossed the Gulf of Bothnia to Finland, sailed south along the coast and went back to Sweden via the Åland islands. A couple of days ago we reached Gotland and are really enjoying our time here. Videos from these part of the trip will also follow, but it takes quite a while to edit it all together, so stay tuned 🙂

All the best from Désirée and crew

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  1. Mikael Blomgren Avatar
    Mikael Blomgren

    I just looked through some of your content and its so well put together – well done!
    We found your note and the service card you left on our boat, thanks a lot for that!
    I also checked you on the marine traffic app and can se that you are in for a night sail. Good luck with that.
    We explored the nothern parts today and also had time for a swim in the lagoon and a spin at the fantastic Gotland Ring Racetrack🤪
    Fair winds and safe sailing we wish you.
    Micke and Jocke

    1. Liv Avatar

      Hi Micke and Jocke,
      We are so happy to hear from you! Nice that you enjoyed the trip around Gotland by car 🙂 We had a great night sail to Kalmar, although the wind died out around 4am and we got into a dense fog around 6am – but the night sky was super beautiful and we could se the Milky Way clearly, it was really wonderful!
      We saw that you have sailed back to mainland now and hope that the trip was a little more relaxed than your trip to Gotland ⛵️
      Best wishes and fair winds,
      Paul and Liv

  2. Charlotte Moretto Avatar
    Charlotte Moretto

    Slik og hundehvalpe ❤️ Smukke smukke indtryk, så grønt, så roligt

    1. Liv Avatar

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