6 months of sailing

Today is a special day in many ways – it marks 6 months of sailing, our last day on the boat for now and our return to Désirée’s home port in Bogense.

Désirée’s mast upon arrival back home – with the guest land flags from Sweden, Finland, Åland, and Germany

Since we left this harbour on the 19th of April, 183 days have passed, of which we have spent 94 with the sails up. This has brought us through 5 different countries, given us countless wonderful experiences, many new friendships and resulted in a total distance of 2536 nautical miles, or 4697 kilometres. Yesterday we sailed the last miles for this season, and our arrival back in Bogense was definitely accompanied by mixed emotions – happy that we and the boat made it back in great shape, sad to realise that this big adventure has come to an end, and excited to see what is waiting for us and Désirée in the years to come.

First time with sails up – with grandpa Hans Erik on the 19th of April
Last trip of the season, 18th of October

Although we arrived here with mixed emotions, the strongest one is definitely the feeling of gratitude – there are so many people we want to thank for making these 6 months possible! First and foremost my grandparents, Hans Erik and Inge, for trusting us to borrow their boat for these months and for their support in general. Also, we want to thank Désirée herself for being such a trustworthy companion in every situation we got into. Then of course comes the rest of our families, our old friends, our new friends, the many friendly strangers we met on the way and our guests on board. Thanks for helping with the refit, being supportive, giving good advice, spending your times with us, commenting on our posts in here, sharing your secret tips and much more! THANK YOU ❤️

Junior and senior skippers of Désirée

Now time has come to start the next chapter, which means moving from the boat back to land – for this we have chosen Flensburg as our new home town, so if you ever come through there either via land or from the water-side, let us know and we will be happy to see you there! 🙂

Arrived in Flensburg!

As we still have tons of nice video material to go through from our trip, we will post some more videos on this page during the next weeks, so stay tuned!

All the best and god vind!

Paul and Liv

🪴 Oh, and for anyone interested in the state of our third crew member Pelea, here we go (we are pretty proud she made it!) 🪴:

19th of April
19th of October

Hey there! Feel free to leave us a reply to the post here in either English, Danish or German. We love to read them all 🙂

Responses to “6 months of sailing”

  1. Twan Biemans Avatar

    Welcome home. Enjoy all your memories and be proud of yourselves!

    Please send me an email to exchange contacts!

    Regards from ‘friendly strangers’,
    Marleen & Twan

  2. Charlotte Moretto Avatar
    Charlotte Moretto

    Juniors and seniors ❤️
    Tak for en eventyrlig tur, så mange smukke og finurlige oplevelser og billeder
    Dejligt at I alle tre er i godt behold 😊

  3. Arne Hyldekrog Avatar
    Arne Hyldekrog

    Hej Liv og Paul
    Velkommen hjem og man må da sige at I var lidt heldige – dels af komme væk fra Flenburg inden der blev undtagelsestilstand og til Bogense inden vind og stormflod gjorde Danmark lidt anderledes – tak for alle Jeres beretninger fra det spændende cruise I har været på – I har fået en masse spændende oplevelser som I kan “leve” på i mange år.
    Med sejlerhilsen

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