Windy sailing towards the North (movie #10)

Hello hello,

We have arrived in Finland now, but we still have some nice videos from our time in Sweden, which we would love to share with you. In this video we are sailing towards the north on some windy days. On one of them we both got quite sea sick and did not manage to capture anything with the camera, but later we had some more nice and windy days and tried filming some of it. Through several longer stretches of sailing we got from Öregrund to around Gävle and then further up to Hudiksvall.

After our many many days with blue skies and sunshine, it was actually quite nice to sail in some more rainy and windy conditions. Although at the moment we are stuck in Finland with a lot of rain and strong southern winds, so now we are hoping to get the blue skies and sunshine back again soon 🙂

Let us know how you like this video!

All the best and god vind,

Paul and Liv


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Responses to “Windy sailing towards the North (movie #10)”

  1. Anders Avatar

    Super spændende at følge med i jeres rute planlægninmg og sejlads. Tak for den fine video og god tur vidre!


    1. Liv Avatar

      Tak!! ⛵️

  2. Monika Reck Avatar
    Monika Reck

    Once more, a very nice video which give a good impression of your life on Désirée! Thanks a lot for that!
    With love Monika

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